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“Wild & Fresh”

Saturday, May 11th, 2013 | Nashville Farmer’s Market
Tickets will be $80 per person, or $150 per couple.
This dinner will feature produce both “wild” and “local”, with the assistance of our dear pal, Alan Powell. Alan is working with area farmers through his nonprofit startup, “Nashville Grown”, to bring us
the season’s freshest produce. In addition, Alan is a master forager, and will head out the week of the event to procure a variety of items that will also be featured within the four-course meal that we’ll be serving that night.

In addition, the meal will also include a bonus welcome-appetizer and beverage created by Shalene, as well as wine pairings, courtesy of Will Motley at Woodland Wine Merchant in East Nashville, for all four courses. This is an event worth checking out, whether you’re Vegan or not, any foodie who is a fan of the whole farm-to-table concept will surely appreciate this one. Please visit the reservation page of this website to
make your reservation now!


Hello, and Welcome to Esoteric Vegan!

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